Is NYITA certified organic?

All our ingredients are either certified organic or produced to organic standards. Almost all of our ingredients are certified organic. The few that aren’t, are due to being sourced from a country or region where there is no organic certification in place. These have been carefully checked to ensure that they are produced to organic standards which means no chemicals, fertilisers, or pesticides have been used in any stage of the process. At NYITA we are passionate about bringing you the cleanest, purest, natural, organic oils, and so we do not tamper with their purity. NYITA products themselves are not certified organic.

Why organic?

Solely sourcing organic helps protect the environment, working with nature and not against it, and is also more beneficial for you. Organic crops contain up to 68% more antioxidants, and do not have residuals from pesticides or fertilisers that may irritate the skin or potentially cause long-term harm in the body. Organic farming also supports biodiversity by providing lots of green spaces. There is 50% more wildlife on organic farms, made up of 30% more species. Many artificial pesticides don’t just kill the target pest; 75% of Britain’s butterfly species have declined in the past 10 years, and eight of our 25 bumblebee species are threatened, with two already extinct. Furthermore, nitrogen-based artificial fertilisers are responsible for around 50% of all nitrous oxide emissions – the world’s fertile soil (a finite natural resource) is being severely degraded at a rate of 24 billion tonnes a year. If organic farming was common practice in the UK, we could offset at least 23% of agriculture’s current greenhouse gas emissions.

Are your oils ecologically sound?

We go to extraordinary lengths to ensure our ethical standards are the highest they can be. NYITA is a leading light in working in harmony with nature. We only use the flowers, fruit, leaves, grass or twigs that have been gently, and respectfully harvested, and never use any oils that kill the entire plant or tree. You will never find us cutting down 30 year old sandalwood trees, or decimating the topsoil for vetiver. We believe this is truly working in harmony with nature, and is the future for a sustainable, less impactful way of working with, not against, the environment. Just because we are a natural brand doesn’t mean we should indiscriminately ‘take’ from nature.

How pure are your oils?

All of our essential oils are organic. No synthetic fragrance, GMOs, mineral oils, emulsifiers, parabens, preservatives, or petrochemical solvents have been used. In other products on the market, most ingredients listed as ‘100% natural fragrance extracts’ have been extracted with hexane, or other petrochemicals. We do not think that is 100% natural. The greatest care has been taken to ensure our organic oils have only been extracted by the following methods: steam-distillation, cold-pressing, or Co2 extraction. We believe these are by far superior and cleaner methods. We always list every single ingredient, and certainly never conceal anything of inferior quality under a collective term like ‘fragrance’.

Do you ethically source your ingredients?

All of our organic oils are ethically sourced without compromise. We take great care in sourcing, and scour the world to find the best boutique growers that not only care about nature and the environment, but also the local people as well. Just a couple of examples of our wonderful artisans – our African blue basil is cultivated using organic biodynamic practices, pure mountain spring water, and grown in small batches. This master distiller, like us, has the utmost respect for nature, and all his harvests are conducted in a manner that ensure the longevity and further propagation of native species. Our Japanese Yuzu from a village in the mountains of Japan often referred to as ‘The Golden Village of Yuzu, is an example of a rural community that rebuilt its economy through home-grown entrepreneurship centered on its traditional local product, Yuzu.

At NYITA we are passionate in our exploration for rare and precious oils, and are continually searching the world to bring you something special.

Are your oils 100% pure with nothing else added?

Our oils are 100% pure with nothing else added.

Does NYITA test on animals?

At NYITA we are animal lovers and would never ever test on them.

Is NYITA vegan?

Yes, all our products are vegan.

Do you list every single ingredient?

We are so proud of our exceptional, exclusive and rare ingredients we list every single one, and never hide inferior quality scents behind a collective term like ‘fragrance’.

Do you ever use hexane or any petrochemical solvents to extract your oils?

Most people don’t know, but almost all non-organic plant extracts on the market listed as ‘100% natural extracts’ have actually been extracted with a solvent called hexane or similar petrochemical solvents. We do not think that is 100% natural. So we go to great lengths to ensure none of our products have been extracted with hexane or any other petrochemicals.

How are your oils extracted?

The greatest care has been taken to ensure our organic oils have only been extracted by the following methods: steam-distillation, cold-pressing, or Co2 extraction. We believe these are by far superior and cleaner methods than the commonly used petrochemical solvents of some other brands on the market.

What is Co2 extraction?

This more costly method of extraction uses natural Co2 as a solvent. A superior alternative method to hexane or petrochemical extraction commonly used by other brands on the market. The Co2 extraction is a far cleaner method as it remains completely inert, unlike hexane, which leaves a residue. It is also far better for the environment too.

Do you add Limonene, Linalool or anything else to your products?

Absolutely nothing has been added to our pure & exquisite oils. Some of our oils naturally contain limonene and Linalool for example, which is why for allergy awareness, you’ll find them listed alongside our ingredients.


Is there anything I should be aware of before using the products?

Store in a cool, dark place away from natural sunlight. Once opened, best used within six months. For adults only. Keep out of reach of children. For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. If suffering from a medical condition, seek advice from your doctor before use. Not recommended during pregnancy. Natural separation or sedimentation may occur. If irritation occurs, discontinue use. To avoid a slippery surface, clean bath after use.

Are your products safe during pregnancy?

Your baby is too precious. We do not recommend our products during pregnancy without you first consulting with your doctor.

What allergy advisories do you give?

  • Please avoid use if you have any serious allergies or are prone to skin reactions.
  • All of our products contain organic sweet almond nut oil. Please DO NOT use if you have a nut allergy.
  • Our products do not knowingly contain gluten or dairy, but we cannot guarantee that they are completely free from these allergens so please do not use if you have acute allergies to these.



How can I accentuate my bathing experience?

We recommend applying a small amount of oil to your chest and arms prior to bathing, gently rinsing with water as you soak. To enhance the muscular easing benefits of rosemary ‘camphor’ in DU JARDIN, massage into your muscles prior to bathing and gently rinse with water as you bathe. You could also pop another capful of oil in your bath as you wish.

How does the scent profile differ from synthetic fragrance?

If you’re accustomed to synthetic fragrances used by many other brands, initially the scent may not seem as strong for you. However, once a connoisseur of the more subtle natural scents, you’ll be unlikely to abide the faux smell of synthetic fragrance. The scent wont cling to the skin like a synthetic fragrance either. Some synthetic products consist of chemicals that essentially ‘glue’ the fragrance to your skin — such as phthalates. Natural products like ours contain none of these added chemicals and preservatives, and as such, do not have that artificial, lingering, staying power.

If the oils do not disperse into the water will they be greasy on my skin?

Our oils are completely non-greasy. They absorb into the skin leaving it feeling nourished and healthy.

How can I best care for my bath oil?

  • Always use by the date indicated on the bottle: We have selected the carrier oils best for your skin, not for their shelf life.
  • As we do not use any preservatives, the oils will naturally deteriorate – just as nature intended. To ensure you have the ultimate bathing experience, make sure to use them by the given date.
  • Store in a cool, dark place: having no preservatives in oils also means that natural light and heat will affect them.
  • Crafted with unparalleled purity means no emulsifiers have been added. Natural sedimentation may therefore occur. Gently turning the bottle upside down a few times should disperse any natural settlement.

How many baths does a 100ml bottle provide?

As a rough guide, we suggest using around two capfuls for a fragrant bath, which provides approximately 18-20 baths. However if you would a like a more indulgent experience, feel free to add more than two capfuls.



How can I access my account and change my details?

Hover over the icon on the top right of your screen or if you’re on a mobile device use the main menu to navigate to the ‘your account’ section. There you can register for an account or access your account details to view recent orders, manage your shipping and billing addresses, and edit your password and account details.

How can I track my order?

Hover over the icon on the top right of your screen or if you’re on a mobile device use the main menu to navigate to the ‘tracking orders’ section. There you can track your orders.

What do I do if I’ve forgotten my password?

Hover over the icon on the top right of your screen or if you’re on a mobile device use the main menu to navigate to the ‘your account’ section. Click on the ‘Lost your password.

Are my personal details secure?

Our site uses SSL encryption protocol (HTTPS ) and has numerous security measures in place to ensure your personal details and transactions are protected. We also have software that continually monitors and protects our site 24/7 from attempted security breaches so we can offer protection for our customers at all times. Finally we respect your privacy and vow never to share your details with any third parties or make any unsolicited contact with you.

What secure payment options do you have?

You can pay by all major debit and credit cards as a ‘guest checkout’ or using your own PayPal account. All our online transactions are conducted via PayPal using their market leading secure encryption platform trusted by over 300 million users. This means none of your payment details are taken or stored on our website and you’re covered by PayPal Buyer Protection for all eligible purchases.


Is your packaging made from recycled material and can it be recycled after use?

We have chosen the finest Italian glass as our primary packing on our bottles as it can be endlessly recycled. Please do recycle your bottles. Our boxes, booklets, and tissue paper are made from 100% recycled material. The boxes and booklets can also be recycled. Please do recycle these too. Unfortunately tissue paper is not able to be recycled at this time.

Do you use plastic?

We have taken the greatest care not to use plastic wherever possible. The only plastic we use is the functional seal inside the aluminium caps to ensure the precious oils do not leak from them and the small label on the back of the bottle which needs to ‘survive’ in the bathroom. Unfortunately there are currently no alternatives available to us at this time, but we continue to seek them. Our ultimate hope is for NYITA to be completely plastic free.


Can I return the product?

We invite you to try our samples prior to purchasing a full size product. We do hope you love your product but if you would like to return the product you’ve purchased, please ensure the security seal on the items box remains completely intact in order to be eligible for a return. If you purchased direct from us and would like to return the unopened product, please contact us at Whilst due to sanitary reasons we are unable to refund or exchange opened products, please contact us if you are dissatisfied for any reason and we will endeavour to resolve the matter agreeably with you. If you purchased the product from another website or retailer, please contact them direct and follow their returns process in the first instance.


What is the best way to get in touch?

We would be delighted to hear from you. Any thoughts or questions, email us at

Can you help with product advice?

We would be happy to help advise you on the best product for you. Please do get in touch at